Sunday, May 3, 2009

my first crush = GinGin

1. GinGin who, GinGin how? 
geetu aunty's daughter. mammam (m.) told me she's 21 (1 dog year=7 man years). she looks like a choco bar, tellya. has the biggest titties i ever saw. papa says there is nothing wrong in looking at them. just that i should not talk about it. and you should see the way her butt sways when she walks. 

m. says i got the cutest butt. i say, not me - she! 

m. spotted her at a friend's album in kutkut and thought wow she so ferocious, boomboom such a pomerian (that's mammam's word for sissy). but her friend said, she's as pomerian and would wag her tail even at a thief. geeeeeee...m. thinks i'll do too. she na knows nothing. okay, about that another time. so they got talking at kutkut and then over the phone. and m. showed me, preethi mumma, rachita aunty, everybody her pics. we all liked her :)

i'v never sniffed a girl in my life.  and m. would say gingin jaam (we'll go to gingin), gingin jaam all the time. i could not wait. 
2. BOOM MEETS GINGIN: 3 may 2009, sunday

m. got me all shampooed and tip-top'ed. i was very excited. i jumped about the whole house. gingin finally came in a red car with her m. and p. 

that fella at rachita aunty's place told me what he does with females, but i wasn't sure i'd want to do it. never tried. i thought wow we'd play. but when i sniffed her, tell you, i went bonkers. swear on dog, i never smelled something so so so so so great. i never felt that way. never. i do not exactly remember what happened after that but m. says i changed. my eyes got teary. i was drooling with my tongue thrust 1km out of my mouth and i would not stop sniffing her peepee. it sounds kind of embarrassing now. but that is what i did.

ice cubes, chew sticks, bikis, food, nothing could distract. and gingin began to snarl at me. 

"you're only 7 mad dog, i'm 21" 

"my father was 7 when i was born"

"but i'm not in-the-heat, if you know what that means silly"

"heat? but i'm in-the-heat"

"chod na, lets play"

"let me do it first. then we can play all day"

"who are you trying to fool huh? you men are such dogs"

"whatever. did you do it before?"

"of course. but all dogs act as funny when they see me. such losers, all of them, and you too mister"

"at least tell me how to do it. i never did it before you know"

"i'm not here to teach you that. do you understand you 7 year old? now willya let me catch some air. and my, you've spoilt it with your jumping. i'll get your ma pa send you to a boarding school"

"okay, do that. do that. but for now will you please let me"

i was a strong man so i pinned her down inspite of her protests, but since nobody would tell me where the hell was the entry gate (first timer's confusion), i tried on her face, her sides, her back, everywhere. i must have looked like a fool. m., p., geetu aunty, poohar uncle everybody was laughing. 

"give up fool" (gingin said)

"no, i wouldn't. no, i wouldn't"

at least mapa could have helped me but they only held me and so tight that my tongue went blue, eyes red and i was breathing so heavy that they all feared i'll have a heart attack. then they locked me up in the bedroom. m. came and sat with me. she was almost in tears. what was there to cry - i did not understand. i thought may be that was because she was angry at gingin for not letting me do what i wanted to do.  

but no. 

"you so mad for that wench, you'll not obey us, forget us and run after her, eh?" 

"boys of my age do it all the time mammam" 

"shut up. is this what your pappa and me taught you all these years - to hump on girls not even interested in you?"

"mammam she wants, but she's scared of her pappa" (i lied)

(but could i fool her?)

"dogshit, she's not. even if she is, it's coz' she might get pregnant and her parents would not like that. do you understand? we'll talk to our breeder and get you a different girl, okay. now behave"

"but mammam i like gingin...........phuleeeeez"

geetu aunty also joined us and they started off. i was going nutties and these women were talking about books, movies, microwave. my dog!

m. finally let me out. gingin was all over the house. her smell. but i could find her nowhere. 

i did not talk to m. or p. that entire evening. i drank and drank like i've to go without water for weeks. i was too tired and slept off early. 

next morning all i wanted was food, nap, play, food, nap, play. 

"that's the best thing about our boomboom", m. said


(these were taken the second time i met her. pretty much the same story again. i almost fell sick the next day. m. promised never take me to her again till i'm grown up and have had enough girls. but i like her you know. see see....)


Rachita Ghosal said...

God if only boomer knew how to read.... he would be so embarassed... i love the way u wrote this one... very very sweet!!

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Though I dont approve of this GinGin, if BoomBoom wants her so much, I think we should just let him get her... what say? When she is ready, that is!

Ann Dee said...

@ Rachita Boom would bite me if he were to know I'm letting out his little secret all over.
But trust me our boy is one of the most shameless I've seen. You'd want to give him a nice one when you see him going crazy over her. All said, when the girl's not interested, her parents are not interested, why should he make a fool of himself? Of us with it?

@ Scarlett
Ye, no woman would approve of this tell you. And I wanted to portray it just as it is. Truth! He's a man after all. Just that he was being very very expressive.
Our D. actually felt proud thinking his son was being very manly.

But we've to accept it..sooner or later. Chalo we'll get a good chic - and in-the-heat. LOL