Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post by papa

Bringing up a puppy isn't a piece of cake. Among the pains, include the poop and pee at every nook of the house. Boomer has probably been given basic toilet training. So we can actually make out when he is about to pee or poop. He looks all confused and tries to find a place to do it. But being the size he is, he excretes.
Being humans it appears that we know what it should do, but trust me it just appears like that. Living in an apartment on the 6th floor, even we don't know what it should be doing. After referring to a number of training manuals and podcasts and after long discussions with Neela, we have come to the conclusion that he pees and poops in a litter box. Because it is impractical to take him out of the apartment complex 500 meters away just to pee every time. And trust me, at 1 month age, he pees every half an hour or 1 hour. Every time he wakes up, eats or plays.
So first we train him to pee on a news paper. Whenever he wakes up we call him on the news paper. And he pees / poops. Later we spread the news paper on the litter box and teach him commands, "Pee" and "Poop".
Once he learns the commands and grows a bit older, we take him outside and command him to "pee" and "poop". That would be practical because an adult healthy dog can hold his pee or poop for over 9-10 hours.
Though it is a little irritating and stinky, when he plays with you, the cuteness that he displays makes you forget all the pains you have to go through. Life looks beautiful again. It is a whole set of new feelings that we are going through these days.