Sunday, May 17, 2009

When I stayed in a different house! – Part 2


This is what I would do to indicate to Momma, Pappa or to Preethi Momma that I am bored and that I would want to play or go for a walk. And they always find it cute. I even heard Preethi Momma tell Sharanya Uncle that when she sees me pull my leash, its like I am tugging the strings to her heart. Apparently I am so cute, and she loves me so much that she feels like hugging me every time I do that! Now, when does she not feel like that, tell me? 

Well, after Pappa left me with Preethi Momma and Sharanya Uncle, we all got back to living life together. I had to get used to a new set of rules in Preethi Momma’s house, and I had to behave like a good kid there.

She is a little crazy when it comes to being clean. Though I can find a 100 things in her house which are not really all that clean, I had to abide by her weird and specific rules of sleeping, staying and lying around. After all, in spite of all her craziness, she was very sweet to me and loved me to death. I could just see that.

After a few days of my staying with Preethi Momma and Sharanya Uncle, he had to leave somewhere. When he was gone, myself and Preethi Momma had a blast. We would lie down and do nothing all day long. We would play for a long time, and take long walks. She would call me all kinds of names, which I never understood at first, but began to love and started to respond to later on. What all my Mommas would call me will take a whole new post altogether!

We became so close to each other, myself and Preethi Momma that she would understand with one look on my face that I had to do susu or potty or drink water or play with her. She never screamed at me when I spoilt all her doormats or chappals.. they used to be such good play things, that I could not resist playing with them. Especially, after I lost my Boombie ball, I had nothing else to play with and so Preethi Momma did not mind me using her things. We used to lie down on the big bed in her living room, and she would read all day long. I would go and give her an occasional kiss and lie down there, trying to get onto the bed myself. But Preethi Momma was more smarter than me, she never made me sleep on that, but always made sure that I could sleep on her lap. I used to hate the sound that came off that big thing in her living room, I think it is the TV, and so always used to sleep in the dining room.

I was a kid when I went to her house at first, but I began to grow up in her house. I never had a taste of food before, and Momma and Pappa would feed me Pedigree all the time, and I would eat without complaining. They used to give me Lays occasionally, but thats about it. But at Preethi Momma’s place, I began to develop a taste. I hated Pedigree and milk, and was waiting for some chicken. Strangely Preethi Momma never got me chicken, and I had to eat that boring Pedigree. Sometimes she would give me Lays to go with it, but I would not love the taste. One day, I resented her feeding me that boring food and did not eat anything at all. Preethi Momma’s friend also came by, and she also tried feeding me, but I did not eat. I liked that aunty, but I was bored with my food. So I politely told her to mind her own business, by licking her face all over(I had began to miss licking also, since Preethi Momma would not let me lick her face, howmuchever I tried!) but not eating off her hands. Thats when I saw that Preethi Momma was about to cry. Then I saw her pick her phone and call Pappa. Pappa told her what to do to make me eat food, and she always gave me nice dal to eat after that. She would garnish it with an occasional Pedigree crumb or a Lays chips but always made sure that I got a nice spicy smell off the food. She also noticed that I loved the round thing that she made and got from the kitchen, and so she used to give that to me. All in all, my food was taken care of.

Now, the only other thing we were left to worry about was, how do I keep myself busy? I am such a good kiddo, but I have a lot of energy. If I was not tired, I could not sleep, and I used to chew on everything. I had eaten off some good stuff that Preethi Momma bought, and always loved Sharanya Uncle’s chappal. I know, he used to protect it by putting a heavy thing on it, and all, but that always challenged me more. I would sneak to it without him seeing me and then pull his chappal and run away with it. He used to always smile or laugh when he would see my face, because I was obviously looking at him and inviting him to play with me. By then, we had become friends – myself and Sharanya Uncle though he never used to touch me. We used to talk to each other from a distance, but I still missed sniffing him and touching him. Everytime I wanted to do that, I would go and hug Preethi Momma.

Preethi Momma clicked this photo of mine, when I was getting ready for another nice round of chappal-game.


Woof… I am tired of talking now. I will go and lie down for a while. Let me see if Momma is in a mood to let me sleep on her lap. I will then come back and tell you how I got to be friends with Sharanya Uncle, and how much we used to play and enjoy in Preethi Momma’s house.