Wednesday, April 29, 2009

want kellogies, lellogies, mellogies

day: papa office day
mood: sulky

how hot can it get..oh my dog!! and mammam gave me pedigree and milk for breakfast - ONCE AGAIN - how uncreative!! that curd rice with soya chunks, tossed with a little jeera, which i sniffed and walked away at first and then so hogged at it later - even that was good. but PEDIGREE FOR BREAKFAST???

i mean why can i not have that "want kelloggies" every day and a lot of it, bowlful, lot of it, a lot? i mean, i have grown up and it's kinda little difficult to get my facial muscles do that puppy-face all the time. i tried that yesterday and got some "want kellogies" and i went all crunch, crunch, crunch, crrunch, crrrrrunch. hahahaha it was so crunch crunch want kellogies. i love you want lellogies, kellogies, mellogies. hahaha.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

chicken, preethi mumma, rachita aunty

day: tv day
mood: happy and sad

mammam was telling me someone will come. but i could not guess. at first came preethi mamma. i jumped jumped, whoo, whoo. and i suddenly saw rachita aunty. whoo, whoo. and also santosh uncle. i jumped on all of them. whoo, whoo. and then i showed them how i play with my bone. and mammam started "drop it boomer". imagine!

i saw all best things on the table but mammam only gave me chicken and rice. i ate all chicken, all bones and played again. sharanya uncle came. everyone started holding at my collar. i only wanted to sniff sharanya uncle and say hi. two glasses down he got stroking my fur. mammam gave me a bath and i was sure i was not stinking and i let him stroke it. umm. umm.

we all went down for a walk and i had barely done my susu, i saw rachita aunty's car. i knew they had come to take me to the city. i told her today that i miss apples and grapes and the watchman's dog who taught me how to lift my leg and susu. i quickly got inside the car. but mammam pulled me down. preethi mamma also said ta and all drove away. i waited for them for a long time. mammam said they will come to see me again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yet Another Foster House experience!!!!

For the last few days i've been noticing that my parents were packing their bags.... i could sense something fishy... within few hours i realised they are definitely going somewhere and have made arrangements for my stay at preethi mammas house.... though i love her place i was very apprehensive about how long would my parents take to come back... i'll miss them!!!

things like i would'nt be able to see them everyday, staying away from home etc., kept bothering me but somehow i had to come to terms with the reality, be a smart, sensible son and make my parents proud... so i was all set to face it....Finally the time has arrived where mamma was packing my stuff and getting things ready for me, so i have a comfortable stay... daddys gotten the car out and ready.. i was super excited about the drive.... we kept driving and driving... suddenly i realised preethi mammas house is'nt so far.. the drive continued for a good one and a half hour... i was just wondering what kind of a place this is with so much traffic and so many humans around...finally the car stops!Right infront of me i see Rachita waiting for me.... i was very excited seeing her and jumped all over her licking her everywher possible.... while im doing this, suddenly my eyes caught the sight of another dog that was very short and looked cute... however the dog didnt seem happy on my arrival.... me still being the sweet and friendly Boomerang approached the dog to strike a deal and get friendly (as by now i realised i had to stay here) .... But No!!! the dog had some other intentions... he almoust pounded on me to attack and bite me.... phew!!! i was so scared.... so was everyone..mamma had turned red with fear and started screaming... daddy still looked confident but didnt know how to handle the situation.. finally the watchman of heritage apartments came to my rescue and shooed the dog away!!! phew!!! i could see a relief sign on everyones face.... :) and now i poopy right infront of the building gate putting my mamma to a slight embarassment... but thats ok as long as i can relieve myself... u see sometimes i have no control over my bowel movements specially if im brought to a new environment.....

Now i enter Rachita's ( i am not sure what this woman wants to be.... i just hope she doesnt call herself my third mamma, as handling three mammas would be like the toughest thing dude!!! well, only time would reveal what's in store for me.. another mamma???!!!?? NO WAY!!!) flat.... WOAH!! this flat is small... but hey there are so many people in the flat which means i would have the company of atleast one person all the time.... i see an elder person sitting in the hall.. i go to him sniff him all over and try kissing him but nobody would lemme do that.... then i go all around the house checking and sniffing the minutest of details... i first enter rachita's room then i enter the huge open balcony that looked awesome , i obviously cant enter the forbidden area the kitchen.. and there was a mystery room i was not allowed to enter.... i could also smell that ther was someone inside the room but could'nt meet that person... and being Mr. Boomerang Saikia Das my curiosity levels rose!!! Puff!! i gave a look that meant --- "now im tired... can someone get me water?? " mamma understood this and got me some water...(this is what i love about her she understands all my looks.... awwww im gonna miss her real bad!! sob sob) by now i had a new problem to deal with.. a new house with a stupid dog that almost tried to bite me... new foster parents!!!!????!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

I see mamma, dadda, Rachita and the elder man talking to each other when slowly one middle aged woman enters from the room to the hall taking small scary steps like a chor!! and since i never met her i started barking loudly... and she just ran back into her room .... she looked so suspicious.. what can i do, being a good labrador i bark at anyone who looks suspicious.... NOT MY FAULT!!! anyways by now my dad was planning to sneak out quickly without my knowledge... "hahahah daddy u think im so dumb!!!" however i let him believe i was'nt noticing a thing... then mamma gives Rachita(i still dont know what to call her....) all the instructions... by now i can see Rachita was tensed about my arrival she did'nt look as confident as she looked when i arrived.... mamma was worried not knowing if this was the right thing she's doing... daddy being confident like ever just left the room... mamma gave me a gyaan on how i shud be a good boy, not trouble Rachita, blah blah blah!! and left crying :( while i wanted to jump on her and tell her "please dont cry mamma i'll be good!" .... Thats it they were gone!!!... now im in a new place... not sure of when i would see my parents again.. not sure of how this woman would take care of me... not sure of anything... once all these feelings sunk in i started crying and whining for my mama and dadda... with a look that says "I"ll miss you both love you so much please come back REAL soon this time!!!" SOB!!


Now i just didnt want to speak to anyone and just be on my own for sometime..... Rachita understood this and left me alone in the balcony while she was sitting in the hall almost into tears.. not sure if she'll do a good job, she was talking to her husband this time... she actually had plans of making alternate arrangements as she was very scared the stupid dog would hurt me sometime.... and she was scared that i would hurt the Mystery woman!! HmmmPhhhhh!!!! Humans and their worries!!! Now it was time for the mystery woman to come outside the room and i pretty much understood the rules of this house by now... as long as this mystery woman is around Boomerang CANNOT be free.... he has to be chained... its either her or me!! I was pretty cool with it.. as long as i have people around me i dont mind being chained 24 by 7!! Everyones finished their dinner... and have gone to sleep... by now the mystery woman was so irritated with me and wished i was'nt here... but thats fine... Boomerang's charm comes handy for all these people!! how long can she keep herself away from me... someday she has to fall into my trap and love me!! suddenly i dunno who's idea this was but they chain me to the balcony grill in the balcony... and i couldnt see anybody infront me... i went mad!! i just kept barking and barking for 15 mins... this worried Rachita and she thought if she was stubborn and strict i would bark for a while and keep quiet... but she failed to understand that i need people infront of me.... finally she got the message and set me free... while the elder people of the house were locked inside their room and were asleep.....

Now the whole house is quiet and Rachita comes close to me.... she starts talking to me... "Boombu baby how r u??? liking this place baby.... R you happy out here?? You know what im your aunt... so im gonna pamper you real bad and promise you we'll have a Blast!!" and she kisses me on my nose... starts rubbing me all over... i felt good!! so she's my aunt eh??!!?? suppacool!!! she suddenly opens the door for me and i see a familiar man infront of me... that was Santosh... phew more ppl... great!! I was again super xcited seeing him, finish my usual style of greeting people...... he walks into the house and they chain me again.... this time i wanted to pee and poopy so badly... nobody got the message, aunty called mamma to check why i was barking, and they were even planning alternatives.... suddenly somehow it struck them that i might want to poop or pee... we go out for a walk, this time i looked for that stupid dog.. but couldnt find him anywhere.... good for me... we go for a nice long walk and they let me loose in the building with the gates closed.... there was this huge mud area called garden where i really freaked out -- digging sniffing digging sniffing!!! Woah!! i love this area..!! now it was time to go back home and fall asleep.. since it was my first night here and mamma gave loads of instructions on how i would chew things... i was chained!! but i was cool with it as long as aunty was infront of me... she actually converted the sofa into a huge bed and both of them fell asleep with me... with a fresh bowl of water next to me and the balcony door open for some fresh air for me!!! ZzzzzzzZzzzzzGoodNight and Sweet Dreams! :) (However i and Santo never slept well that night...hehehhe)

To be Continued.......

PS . Pls ignore the grammatical errors... this is straight from the heart for Boombu!!!