Saturday, April 25, 2009

chicken, preethi mumma, rachita aunty

day: tv day
mood: happy and sad

mammam was telling me someone will come. but i could not guess. at first came preethi mamma. i jumped jumped, whoo, whoo. and i suddenly saw rachita aunty. whoo, whoo. and also santosh uncle. i jumped on all of them. whoo, whoo. and then i showed them how i play with my bone. and mammam started "drop it boomer". imagine!

i saw all best things on the table but mammam only gave me chicken and rice. i ate all chicken, all bones and played again. sharanya uncle came. everyone started holding at my collar. i only wanted to sniff sharanya uncle and say hi. two glasses down he got stroking my fur. mammam gave me a bath and i was sure i was not stinking and i let him stroke it. umm. umm.

we all went down for a walk and i had barely done my susu, i saw rachita aunty's car. i knew they had come to take me to the city. i told her today that i miss apples and grapes and the watchman's dog who taught me how to lift my leg and susu. i quickly got inside the car. but mammam pulled me down. preethi mamma also said ta and all drove away. i waited for them for a long time. mammam said they will come to see me again.