Wednesday, April 29, 2009

want kellogies, lellogies, mellogies

day: papa office day
mood: sulky

how hot can it get..oh my dog!! and mammam gave me pedigree and milk for breakfast - ONCE AGAIN - how uncreative!! that curd rice with soya chunks, tossed with a little jeera, which i sniffed and walked away at first and then so hogged at it later - even that was good. but PEDIGREE FOR BREAKFAST???

i mean why can i not have that "want kelloggies" every day and a lot of it, bowlful, lot of it, a lot? i mean, i have grown up and it's kinda little difficult to get my facial muscles do that puppy-face all the time. i tried that yesterday and got some "want kellogies" and i went all crunch, crunch, crunch, crrunch, crrrrrunch. hahahaha it was so crunch crunch want kellogies. i love you want lellogies, kellogies, mellogies. hahaha.