Monday, May 18, 2009

that girl who was god knows who

day: papa office day
mood: very very bad

usually, preethi momma, rachita aunty, shweta, geetu aunty - all of them bhhoooo into our house in cars and all of them love me. so i thought (these days i do a lot of thinking) all women who bhhooo about in cars love me. ah well, i never saw mammam bhhooo but she's mammam. she loves me anyways.......but if she's my mammam why does she not have a tail and how can she stand on two feet all day? may be she trained herself. may be i too will have my tail amputated and have to stand like her. they train me on crazy things all the time. phew! 

that girl, yes...i saw her bhhoooo inside, but didn't do nothing...then she rolled down the glass and i had this gut feeling - she has to me one of my friends. i ran for her and jumped all over the car. mammam na goes off like a siren i tell you. i had barely confirmed that i had to run into the lift. but i heard her voice. arrey it's preethi momma. i ran again. yay yay i jumped all over her. in my excitement i actually forgot to use my nose - as mammam told me later. she yelled and ran with me after her. why is preethi momma acting nutty - i was thinking. then mammam gave me one of those looks and shrieked. baap re, out of fear that her eyes will pop out and her lung will blast, and before that i will get a good one on my little ass (it's actually very cute) i gave up all my triumphs and came after her. 

mammam gave me a good one after all. she looked sad. that girl told her things, but in my excitement i did not notice. i never do that these days, you know na mammam? but she felt so familiar.. maybe she has a female lab. may be she had just met preethi momma or rachita aunty or shweta... 
in the evening i heard mammam telling pappa: maybe she was his beloved from his last birth. he sure was a human and got promoted to doghood.

woof, woof, i could not agree more.. :)   


Scarlett O'Hara said...

Boom Boom was a kid in his earlier janam also! No wonder he refuses to grow up! :)

Ann Dee said...

and that girl must have been his school time sweetheart ;)